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“NO EXCUSES” 2014!

Innovation has a new MOTTO for 2014 – “NO EXCUSES”  –There will be no more excuses for you to not treat yourself good.  No Excuse not to exercise and eat healthy/clean.  The time it takes you to make an EXCUSE not to do it – is the same amount of time you could have had it almost completed.  Wake up and start your day with warm lemon water to cleanse your body.  Incorporate your exercise and eat clean and healthy throughout the day.  Come Spring -don’t be that person who thinks  “I shouldn’t have made all those excuses – I should have just did it”


Is it hard to lose weight?  Of course it is.  It’s like taking on a second job.  To incorporate eating healthy/ clean and exercise into your already hectic life is challenging.  Is it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!  It’s more important than most of the things your spend your time on.  Why? Because when you lose weight you feel good.  In fact, you feel great!  You have confidence and it shows. — When you are happy and confident, everyone around you is happy and confident.   Give yourself a couple of weeks to make “No Excuses” and just do it.  After a couple of weeks of eating clean/healthy and exercise – it will no longer be hard…. it will become a way of life.  A healthy way of life that will not only change who you are but also add years onto your life.  So come and join INNOVATION 2014 NO EXCUSES CHALLENGE and JUST DO IT.


 ~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick


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