Our proven weight loss system has a 99% success rate…but don’t take it from us, take it from our clients. 

I started the Innovation Weight Loss Diet! Personalized menus, 24/7 personal support, I can eat my own fresh cooked meals and delicious portioned Innovation meals! The Pb & J bites are my favorite! I eat clean for 6 days and cheat for 1! How great is that! I love the cheat day! Thank you Josephine for teaching me how to Love to Live Healthy! The pounds are starting to come off!– Teresa Guidice, Real Housewives of New Jersey
Two and a half years ago I walked into Innovation met Josephine and learned about the program that completely changed my life. I have been on so many weight loss programs and I can honestly say this is not a weight loss program but a true way of life. I have changed my appearance, my foods, my family’s foods, and most importantly my attitude. Don’t get me wrong some weeks are better than others and it will always be a struggle but I have developed a support system in Josephine and her amazing staff to know that I am always backed 100 percent. I have battled my weight for many years and always thought I was a healthy eater. It wasn’t until I got involved with this program that I truly learned what was good for my body, what CLEAN eating was, and that I could still have all my cravings which I never allowed myself (CHEAT DAY) and still lose weight and keep it off. The best part of this program besides the health benefits and how I feel is the never ending love and support that Josephine gives her clients. I know that I never could have done this without out her and still depend on her guidance. Her love, support, motivation, and encouragement help me to stay focused and on track. This program has become a true way of life and it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I will never look back and always know that Josephine and the Innovation weight loss program changed me forever.– Kara Bockstein
Growing up I always had an issue with my weight.. I wasn’t huge, but I always felt the need to lose those 10 pounds. I can recall going on frozen meal diet plans, crash diets, shake diets… the latest craze- I think I even had little balls behind my ears to curb my appetite! It wasn’t until my friend lost weight and I say.. ” what are you doing??” It was at that moment .. my life changed.   I reached out to Josephine and became a member of the online program. Josephine has become my coach, my friend, and my cheerleader who never judges me, and always pulls me up… she has also taught me a great deal about my body, what I need to eat, as opposed to what I want to eat..   Josephine, and the the whole crew at Innovation.. thank you for always being there, I love my new life, I feel great.. and I really know how to eat.   While my journey still continues, I am a shark, I am a snail… but i will stay clear on my path!!   Thank you!!!! Xo– Mindy B
When I turned 46 my whole body changed. I put on weight that I never had before and I couldn’t take it off. With Innovation Weight Loss’s personalized menus and access to someone 24/7 to answer all my questions, I surpassed my goal weight and have kept it off for a year.  Thank you Innovation Weight Loss for changing my life and for teaching me how to live a healthy life!– Dana L
I love food. Over the years I had gained a lot of weight, never thought I could ever go on a diet and never wanted to. My wife who had lost 17 pounds on the Innovation Weight Loss diet told me on January 1st that enough is enough. She told me that I had to loose weight for our son’s Bar Mitzvah. I told her I couldn’t do it. She brought me to Josephine. I got my menu and reluctantly I started the diet. In 6 months, I had lost 23 pounds and I am still loosing.  My blood pressure is normal and I feel great. A big thanks to Josephine for teaching me how to eat healthy so I can be healthy!– Mike L