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I love this phrase. I am not sure who came up it with but I love it. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not always easy to do the right thing. At times it can be hard to even know what the right thing is. And while I think we can all agree it’s not so easy to confuse the right thing from the wrong thing – It’s very easy to confuse the right thing with the easy thing. Most of us know right from wrong. But right from easy can be a minute impulse because we are so used to living in the moment of immediate satisfaction that we forget that everything we do and decide in the moment usually has a longer term effect. 

When we choose to make a decision in the moment it’s easy to make the decision that is easier because we are looking for temporary relief of uncomfortableness. We are not thinking of long term or even tomorrow we are thinking right now at the moment of temptation. What is easier and will make it all feel better. 

A great example would be — let’s say for the last 15 days you have been amazing on program following your 6 days on program and 1 cheat day a week. Now you are out to dinner with friends or family and everyone is ordering drinks, pasta’s, desserts- it’s not your cheat day but you smell the pasta, it looks amazing and you are already hungry from eating less on your diet. So you make the decision in that moment to drink the alcohol and eat the pasta and desserts even though you know the other 1439 minutes of that day you wanted to lose weight – but in that one minute you made the choice to eat it – Why? Because you wanted to be out of the uncomfortable feeling of not having what you wanted – so you gave in. At that moment losing weight wasn’t as important as the other 1439 minutes of the day so you made the fast and easy decision to eat it even though you knew 2 minutes after you would regret it. Not the right thing – but the easy thing.

What we have to remember is most of the time, the fast decision is the wrong decision. The easy decision is the wrong decision. The decision that fixes “right now” is the wrong decision.

Most important – every time you choose to do the easy thing, instead of the right thing, you are shaping your identity and becoming the type of person who does what’s easy, rather than what’s right. Is that who you want to be? 

I think when we fall into these instance we have to remember- Doing the right thing is always the right thing. Deep down you know what the right thing is. And you know it because in this example above for the prior 15 days when you were doing the right thing you saw the weight loss and felt great – lighter healthier fitter. You did the right thing and you saw and felt the results of it. 

If you were going to take away anything from this blog it would be The knowledge you need to make better decisions always comes from doing the right thing and seeing the results.  And 99% of the time the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. How do we stop doing the easy thing – we must look beyond immediate gratification and see the big picture. The results that come from doing the right thing are crystal clear and they’ll give you the evidence and results every time to prove to you that you need to keep on doing the right thing. You stay on program – make the right choices – exercise – walk away from temptation – you get the results. 

Another great example — One of my clients – I love her dearly but she knows the right thing from the easy thing because lately she chooses the easy thing all the time — and then she gets so upset when she sees her number on the scale. But just to be clear she knows it and gets upset over it because she has also had straight months of doing the right thing and seeing those results which she loved — Which is why she gets so upset. She has done the right thing and loved when she felt great and her number was down — but lately she just isn’t choosing to do the right thing and easier is winning out over right and she is paying the price both mentally and physically. 

So the bottom line –choosing the right thing or the easy thing is the life changing moments that will ultimately decide on whether or not you will reach your goals and how you feel in the process.  

Final Thoughts For You: The right thing may be the toughest and most painful thing to do, the more reason why we should keep doing it. We have to remember that nothing good comes from anything easy.  Whatever success you are looking for – I promise you doing the right thing will get you there faster. 

~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick


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“YOUR FUTURE IS CREATED BY WHAT YOU DO TODAY” and when you apply this beautiful quote to your life you will get the best results: 

IT IS TALKING ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME and opportunity for all people. It’s about planning and preparing and having goals to reach. And most of all it’s about time. One of our biggest mistakes in our life is that we think we have more time. Time is free but it is priceless. You can not own it but you can use it. You can not keep it but you can spend it. Time is flying faster than 186,000 miles per second and nobody can stop it and if it is lost, you never get it back. So you can get more money, you can buy more food, you can purchase many beautiful clothes and drive multiple awesome cars and buy beautiful homes. But you can never get more time. 

What I am trying to say is you all have the same chance time and potential to reach your goals if you want to. We all have the same 24 hours in a day – it’s really a matter of how you want to use them that will determine your success. If you do not want to work hard you will not see results and if you are willing to put the time in you will see great results. So think about the time you are using everyday. Are you throwing it away or are you using it to be successful and reach your goals. Only you can answer that question and only you can change the answer. 

DON’T KEEP MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE OVER. Successful people learn from their mistakes. Always remember a mistake is the normal process of learning and the more you make mistakes the smarter you will be – but only if you learn from them. But if you keep making the same mistake over and over then you are not learning you are just wasting your time. You should apply this to all areas of your life- but as an example for Health and Weight Loss: you want to plan prepare and follow through with your day. When you have a hiccup and it throws you off your path – figure out why you had it and how you can prepare for it so it doesn’t affect you next time. Now you won’t have to worry about that one thing throwing you off your path anymore. You have learned from the mistake that made you fall off your path and you have come up with a strategy for the next time it happens again. This way you won’t make that same mistake twice and it’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

THIS ALL NEEDS TO BE ABOUT YOU: What we don’t always realize is weight loss is so much more than just the number on the scale. Because everything in our life stems from how we feel and how well we take care of ourselves. Feeling good or bad will result in having a good or bad day. Feeling good and treating your body healthy — is going to result in how you approach life and all the good and bad obstacles that come with it. If you are feeling happy, healthy, fit and strong you are going to get through the rough days a lot better than if you are feeling heavy, bloated, sick and depressed. In fact, studies show that overweight people have an 80% higher rate of depression than people of a healthy weight. Why? Because you always feel better about yourself when you are taking care of yourself. Sometimes just having the feeling of control over what you are and are not eating can change your day from bad to good. You have to decide what is important to you. 

FIND A MOTIVATION TO HELP GET YOU THERE and make a commitment to make your health and weight loss a priority. Think about what motivates you. Is it when you feel lighter, healthier, fitter? Or maybe it’s when you feel in total control of your thoughts and days. Maybe it’s when you are getting dressed and everything fits or feels big, or maybe it’s your vacation or big event coming up and you know exactly how you want to look and feel. Whatever your motivation is you have to focus on it to help you reach your goals. The more consecutive days the easier it all becomes. 

I KNOW YOU HAVE HEARD THIS FROM ME BEFORE but I need to repeat it. You need to start somewhere. If you are already in a good place then I am super excited for you to continue to be amazing! If you are not feeling great and have no control then you need to get right back on program today. I promise you, after one week you will feel good after two weeks you will feel great and a month you will never want to go back to your old eating habits. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people wrote to me that they were just so happy they got back on program right after vacation. Trust me if you have not started do it now. Whatever day you start it’s always going to be hard. It was hard to start during the holidays, and now it’s hard to start after vacation – no matter when you begin it will always be hard. The longer you delay it the harder it will be. Just do it – start today you will be so happy you did.




~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick




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I have a Healthy 2023 New Years Challenge for you. It’s for you to become the very best version of yourself. I just did a podcast on the importance of your resolutions and goals and part of the importance is to know what you want and make sure you are doing what it takes to get it. You can listen to it here:  LISTEN HERE

What does it mean to be the best version of yourself? Being your best self means living authentically. To be your best self, you need to stay true to yourself and your values. You also need to make sure you’re doing what brings you a sense of happiness, purpose, and meaning.

How do you start First you have to Imagine what your best self could be like?  Living your best life is really learning how to step into your own control, your own power and really owning who you’re being. Even if you’re not the ideal person that you want to be yet, knowing that you are on your way and working towards being that best person is how to start becoming the best version of yourself.

It’s also important to remember that the best way to live your life and become the best version of yourself is not how others tell you, including me. If living your best life and being the best version of yourself is living fabulously and spending money, then go and do that. If it means you want to eat everything in sight then go do that. The only thing you have to remember living your best life and becoming the best version of yourself is not only in the moment — you have to be okay with the results. For example if you are living fabulously and spending a ton of money on parties and clothes – well you have to be okay with paying for it. You can’t cry you have no money in a month. Or if you eat whatever you want because it makes you feel good in the moment or you don’t want the restrictions of being in control to lose weight well then you can’t cry when you go on the scale and it’s not what you you want to see.  Living your best life and becoming the best version of yourself isn’t only living it in one moment or one day or week. It’s learning to live it daily and continue building on it. It means being in your power and happiness in what you are doing and how you feel and most important you want to LOVE THE RESULTS of everything you are doing and who you are becoming. At the end of the day everything you do and work hard for should result in building on the person you want to become. It should be a life long aspiration of always working in the right direction improving everything you want to improve.


1. Start by Doing some inner work. When we don’t do it we have no idea how powerful it is. Two of my favorites are:

Journaling: Just like When you were a teenager, you might have kept a diary hidden under your mattress. It was a place to confess your struggles and fears without judgment or punishment. Now it’s called journaling. It’s simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can be a great idea. It can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

Meditation: Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. Journaling is putting it on paper and Meditation is doing it in the mind. Both meditation and journaling create an “open-hearted space of discovery, learning and building.

2. BE YOURSELF – BUT BETTER:  Be yourself, have courage, have confidence, take calculated risks, improve yourself daily, know what you’re after, and go get it.


If you only get one thing from reading this, let it be your understanding that whatever you think and fill your mind with most is what you will become. The power of the mind is not a joke! You are what you think and your future will become what you think to yourself most consistently. We all think– but we all think differently – the difference is some think negatively about themselves and others think positively about themselves. If you think negatively you will be negative and not reach your full potential in life. The last thing you want to be doing is negatively comparing yourself to people and habitually finding faults with others and yourself – Don’t do that.

Instead work hard to always be positive and look for the positives, that way you will be surrounded by positivity and peace. If you think positively and optimistically you will naturally become the best version of yourself and become your best you


At the end of the day stick to what you’re true to and do not waiver. And if you have a hiccup you just get right back on your path. Whether it’s food, spending or even thinking – when you find yourself stumbling into that negative mindset – you push yourself to get back on your healthy path and you get right back to the person you want to be and the best version of yourself you want to build toward. At the end of the day you’re responsibility is to listen to yourself and trust your intuition. Learn to ignore the negative comments and opinions of others, while consistently building up positivity in your own mind, and always staying focused on living how you want to.

While it’s important to listen to others, since they might show you things you might not see, the point is not to allow them to bring you down when you’re doing what you know in your heart is right. To be your best you, trust yourself, reject opinions that don’t help make you better, and continue to improve yourself daily.

My Final Tips: 

  • Smile, be happy, spread love, don’t worry about others, reject negativity, and just focus on doing you.
  • Follow your program so you can feel your best everyday. Get in shape with consistent exercise 
  • Drink Water Water Water – it’s a natural detox for your mind, body, skin and soul.
  • Work hard and keep learning.
  • Try new things, make smart decisions, be good to others, pay attention to what you enjoy doing, and above all else, enjoy your life!

One day, you’ll leave this world behind. It is therefore your responsibility to live a good life, the type of life you would dream for yourself. It won’t be easy, but it’s your life right now to live.

~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick


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LET’S TALK MINDSET: No matter the situation you find yourself in this year, you need to take time and ensure you have a healthy mindset. If you don’t know by now, everything in life has an upside and a downside—it’s your duty to look at the situation the right way and make the most out of what’s present. Remember, your perception of things frames how you will experience them. Follow these tips to ensure you have a healthy mindset so you can enjoy your holidays as much as possible!

Reflect on What You are Grateful For:  You know I’m always talking about gratitude, and it’s for good reason. Gratitude is what creates a healthy mindset. Practicing gratitude is a great way to get and keep your mind right day to night. Gratitude allows you to center yourself and realize that while your life isn’t perfect, you have a lot to be happy about. Practicing gratitude is straightforward. You simply need to take time to reflect on what you have in your life- not what you don’t have.

STRESS: All of us feel stress at some time or another, but the holidays can push us even further. Between shopping, cooking, planning, visiting family, traveling, weather and holiday breaks — many of us are thrown right off our game. Disruption to our daily routines can distract us, so we have to find ways to stay grounded and in control. Make sure you are stocked with all the healthy foods you need, and look to the future to make sure you are prepared for holiday parties, dinners, vacations, events or other plans. Whether you are spending the day shopping, going out with family, hosting or attending a party or any other festive plans – be prepared.

SPEND TIME WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE: I can’t stress enough how important this one is. Just like the importance of being grateful for what you have – the holidays are all about spending time with the people you love and are grateful for. If you have family or friends you are close to – you should go out of your way to spend more time with them.  Keep in mind – the right people uplift you, appreciate and value you, they are there when you need them, honest with you and want the best for you, and want to see you happy and succeed in life. Being with people we love and care for is good for our mental health as they make us feel loved, and appreciated.

HOWEVER – and this is a BIG HOWEVER:  Just as the right people provide us with positivity — spending time with toxic friends or family drains us. Unfortunately, the holidays can be draining and unhealthy when we are spending time with the wrong people. And I understand sometimes we don’t have as much control over this during the holidays. But we do have control over how much time we spend with them and how much we let them affect us. So this holiday season, be mindful of who you surround yourself with to keep your mental health balanced. Always remember you are the gatekeeper for who you choose to invite into your life.

SNACKS: Having healthy snacks on hand is essential. When we are driving around from store to store shopping, spending hours walking around the mall, or spending time with our family and friends – a healthy snack will save you. We’ve all been there – we are shopping at the mall, completely exhausted and starving, low energy and just spent. Once you get to that point of starving you will grab without thinking. Don’t let that happen. Always have water and a prepared on- program snack on hand in case you need it. 

Focus on Creating Positive Memories: It’s important to remember that the holiday experiences you create now will be your future holiday memories for you and your loved ones. I know the stress can be overwhelming but if you take the time to step back – give yourself a 5 minute self meditation and just remember that this year is what will be remembered next year. Don’t focus on being 100% perfect – instead focus on  on giving yourself and your loved ones the opportunity to create positive fun experiences this season that you will look back and love and laugh about in the future. Try to laugh a little more at the things that might upset you. Sometimes when we laugh at ourself instead of getting frustrated it can create a completely different experience for everyone involved. I will never forget when I was about 7 years old. My mother and father cooked large pans of baked ziti for all of our relatives. As my dad was walking down the stairs with all the food he tripped and the pans of food went flying all over the floor and all over my relatives. And everyone just froze looking at my big Italian father who just spent the entire day in the hot kitchen. But of course my mother just burst out laughing hysterical and before we knew it everyone in the entire room was laughing including my father. I can tell you first hand that situation could have went a completely different way. But the fact that my mother laughed hysterically made all the difference in the room. To this day – there is not a holiday that someone doesn’t mention that memory in fondness. . It’s a memory we are all love to talk about. So during this holiday season remember everything we do creates memories. It’s up to you how you want them remembered by those you love.

Maintain Your Self-Care Routine: Between the time off from work, traveling to see family, and all the extra activities, it’s easy to fall out of our regular routines around the holidays. While it’s a great time to indulge in some of those tasty holiday treats, it’s important to maintain those healthy habits that you worked so hard to establish during the rest of the year. Make sure to prioritize your self-care habits like exercise, mediation, and hydration. You’ll have a much easier time fighting off those holiday blues if you’re feeling healthy and energized. You don’t need to go to the gym or complete an hour-long class each day. Something as simple as going for a 30 min walk outside or even doing a self workout at home counts. During the holidays my family self care tradition is to walk the neighborhood after dinners to take in all the beautiful decorations and reenergize for the remainder of the evening. Physical activity is important and good for us. Even 20-30 minutes of exercise can be enough to boost your mental activity, reduce stress, and improve your overall mood—something we can all use this time of year. So be sure to keep your body moving. 

TRADITIONS OLD AND NEW: Enjoy your holiday traditions and try Starting Some New Ones – Traditions tell our family story. They enrich the holiday season by allowing loved ones to recognize the culture and history that has shaped their identities. They add meaning to our experiences and enhance a sense of belonging with others. In an uncertain world, we find security in something remaining the same over time that can also be passed down through the generations. When we move from one phase of life to the next, the traditions we cherish and our values can remain a constant. The smells, tastes, and sounds we look forward to each year are predictable, familiar, and comforting. But it’s also okay to create new traditions or be flexible in your own traditions.  The truth is I am big on traditions. I love ours and our family lives by them – and now that my children are older it makes me so happy to get to see them introducing our traditions to their significant others. And it’s even just as exciting and fun to incorporate new traditions.  For example. every year we do cookies, and gingerbread houses and this year my son’s girlfriend introduced us to Sip and Paint. It’s where you sip wine and paint a holiday picture on a canvas. With my children older it makes sense to include something that we could never do when they were younger. So now they have the nostalgia of doing our yearly tradition of baked cookies and gingerbread houses from when they were young and the twist of an adult tradition that we end the evening with Sip & Paint. Now our tradition has a new twist that we all love and enjoy. Adding new traditions and/or being flexible in your yearly traditions is just going to make it fun for everyone and more importantly it’s going to tell the story of your family past and present. 

The best things in life are spending time

with the people we love and the memories we make.

It’s not only about the food on your plate –

More importantly it’s about the love and laughter that surrounds your table. 

~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick


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DECEMBER CAN EASILY TURN INTO A MONTH OF EXCUSES. With holiday parties, get together’s and vacations it’s almost hard to know where to fit in an on program day. But if you keep your focus and mindset in the right place you will get closer to where you want to be. 

KEEP YOUR FOCUS IN THE RIGHT PLACE and keep your eye on the prize. Whatever you have going on right now use it to motivate you to stay on your path. Are you going away? Do you want to wear that awesome holiday outfit you have in your closet? Or maybe you just want to feel better going into the new year. Whatever your reasons are use them to stay focused and in control. 

HOLIDAY TIME CAN MAKE US CRAZY. Yes we are running around Holiday shopping – wrapping- holiday parties – it’s all extra added things into our already busy day. While they should be so fun they can also be exhausting. The very best way to get through the holidays is to plan and prepare your days. I know you are probably sick of hearing me say it but you also know it is what works the best. If you don’t plan and you have a crazy day – you will get to a point of hunger and reach for anything in sight. If you plan it then you are feeding your body throughout the day the foods you know will help you feel your best. 

PUT THE TIME IN.  You have two weeks until the Holiday Break. You can do a lot in two weeks. You can lose weight and you can feel in control and you can just feel better overall. So do not tell yourself that you will just start after Vacation or after the Holidays or in the New Year. If you do that you will absolutely end up gaining weight from now until then and then you will have to lose even more weight. If you don’t want to be 100% now and see some real results then at the very least be very mindful and maintain. 

Keep The Following Holiday Tips in Mind for the Remainder of December


  1. Don’t just do the program – live the program.
  2. Walk away from the temptation and remind yourself to choose your hard. – Hard to walk away or hard to deal with the results of your actions. 
  3. One alcohol drink is a snack. Before you reach for the second drink – remember it’s not the alcohol that makes you gain weight — it’s what the alchohol makes you do that makes you gain weight. Make sure to drink water in-between drinks to stay hydrated.
  4. Start with warm lemon water in the morning and continue with regular water for the rest of the day. From the time you wake up until bed. At least 8 oz before each meal. 
  5. It’s okay to be a turtle during the holidays. If you lose slow it’s still better than gaining. But the days you can be a Shark and have amazing 100% days then do it. 
  6. Be happy and enjoy everyone around you.
  7. Don’t live in the moment. While it’s fun to do something spontaneous – make sure it’s not with food – the results can be both mentally and physically draining. Plan, prepare and follow through it’s the best way to have successful weight loss days. 
  8. Everyday you will either lose weight, maintain or gain. The choice is always in your control.
  9. Less is always better when trying to lose weight. If you don’t need it don’t eat it.
  10.  If you want to feel amazing you must act amazing. Stay on program, work hard and do the right things. 

The better you feel the better you will live the happier you will be. 

Stay on program!

~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick





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This week we have been focusing on NOT PLAYING THE VICTIM IN OUR OWN LIFE. To me that is such a powerful statement that we sometimes forget we have power over. That it’s actually up to us how we choose to use our energy in the challenges that we have. Do we play victim or are we leaders.

 When I say to a client stop playing the victim in your life they always respond with a questionable look – Like what are you talking about – but then within seconds they realize what I am saying and what they are doing. They are playing the victim in their own life. It’s a realization that is something we don’t always want to see about ourselves. And it’s certainly not easy to admit or even say out loud. Because the answer determines who we are. When we play victim we blame others but when we are leaders we take the responsibility. It’s two different types of people that only you can decide who you are and which person you want to be.

A VICTIM – is when something is done and it wasn’t your choice. But playing the victim – is when you choose to live your life based on that bad experience. Not playing the victim is when you look at the bad experience and think – I didn’t like it and I wished it wouldn’t have happened but I have to believe I was meant to go through it because it was a learning experience for me or an opportunity to grow in some way. That takes you out of playing the victim. Now understand this in no way has anything to do with those who victimize you. They have to deal with their own Karma. Whether it’s today or tomorrow it will always come around to them. So don’t put your energy into them. The universe will do it for you. Let go – Let God. 

Most of the time we don’t even realize we are playing the Victim. This could be in any part of your life it doesn’t matter whether it’s weight, family, career. Think about the words you say to yourself. They made me; I couldn’t walk away; I had no choice; I have no time…. It can go on and on. When I say I have heard it all I really have. But when I switch the roles and I put the realization on you to stop playing the victim. — Yes you can walk away, you do have time, and you do have choices – in fact not only do you have choices – you are the person who is writing your own story. It is then that we see our life in a whole different light. 

Of course this will only work if you want to change. Many times we play the victim in our life because we don’t want to put the energy in to make the changes that need to be made. You see whether you are playing the victim or you are playing the leader — how you use your energy is going to make the biggest difference how you live your life. And that difference could be good or bad depending on which way you choose. 

Think about the people around you. Who would you consider a person who plays the victim. Now think about the energy he/she brings into the room, into conversations. Even if you love them or love spending time with them – a person who plays the victim always has a negative tone of what happened to them or how someone did them wrong and why they can’t accomplish something – it’s never their fault.  You feel the negativity in the room and depending on the person and the energy it can sometimes be exhausting to be with them. 

Now think about your own life – what kind of energy do you manifest. What kind of energy do you distribute into a room, your family, friends, and universe. We all have challenges and bad experiences. Some worse than others. But how you learn from them, and how you use the energy from that learning is going to determine not only who you are as a person but also how you write the story of your own life. 

So I ask you to look at your life and ask yourself that question

What is the story I am writing about my life. 


You are the one who is solely in charge of your life, you hold the keys to your success, you can create the life of your dreams, you can live in whichever way you choose. Sometimes I think we forget that we dictate how we live. 

Every single day you write your story and you not only write the story you can change it at any time. The job you work in, the weight you are, the health you are in, the way you live, the people you surround yourself with is all your choice, you are the creator of your life, so why not create the best possible life for you. Yes of course there are some things which are destined for you, which you can not change or do anything about, but there are so many things about your life that you are in charge of as long as you put the work in.

So from this point on I want you to demand the best from yourself, raise the bar and push yourself, and stay consistent. We can get easily distracted and lose focus on our goals, but i’m telling you if you don’t demand the best from yourself no one is going to do it for you. You must get up everyday and write the story you want to live. You are not the victim you are the lead role in your life and you will learn from your experiences and you will put good energy into your body, mind, family and universe. You will keep moving forward everyday knowing the you want more and deserve the best life possible. You are willing to work hard and put the effort in everyday to reach your goals and create the life that you want. I really believe we are all capable of achieving anything, it does not matter where you are, or who you are, you have everything within you to become the person you want to be. 

Dream, believe, achieve. Live life to the limits.

~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick

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Whether you are celebrating Passover – Easter or both! – you want to incorporate your Cheat day into your celebrations. Here are some helpful tips:

CHEATING MORE THAN ONE DAY: Split your Cheat day and do Cheat Meals. Instead of having Saturday as your Cheat Day – do Friday night and Saturday night – back on program Sunday. Or you can do Saturday night and Sunday night back on program Monday. Any two nights you want to do cheat meals instead of a whole day. You want to have cheat meal dessert and drinks (optional). Remember when you split your cheat day it’s one less day of the week you have to lose weight.

CHEATING ONE DAY: If you know you are cheating only one day you always have the option to keep your Cheat Day to one day. One cheat day a week will always give you the best results. But only do this if you are certain that you are not going to be tempted at other holiday celebrations.

VACATION: If you are going on vacation – do not cheat before you go. Stay on program and pick one cheat each day to enjoy while on vacation. Any meal – dessert or drinks. You choose each day one thing that you want to indulge and enjoy. This will help you maintain the week. If you want to lose while on vacation then you must stick to your One Cheat day a week and stay on program on Vacation. Sounds hard? It’s not as hard as you think


  • Egg whites for Breakfast
  • Grilled chicken salad for lunch
  • veggies and hummus at the pool or beach
  • Fish and veggies for dinner
  • choose your dessert whether it’s a drink or fruit

If you want more than this then you should be prepared to maintain or possibly gain. Remember your actions = results.




• MATZAH-2 Matzah with 1tbsp of peanut, almondor SunButter, or 1/2avocado

• MATZAH AND FRUIT: 1 Matzah with 1 tsp of pb or sunbather with 1 piece of fruit

• MATZAH AND EGGS- one Matzah with 3-4 egg whites and 1 cup of veggies

• ANY Kosher Meat no sauce no marinate no butter

• Light tuna or chicken salad or egg white salad with 1 matzah

• Chubby Potato: 1 large white potato or sweet potato with 1 cup of veggies on top and 1/4 cup of cheese and bake 🙂

• 1/2 cup park skim Cottage cheese with 1 cup of fruit 

• Popcorn

• 15-20 Any nuts

• Think Thin Bar

• Matzoh ball soup without the Matzoh ball

• 2 slices of low fat cheese or 1 light part skim cheese stick with 1 Matzah

 • non fat greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of berries

• 1 cup of any berries with 2 tbsp of cool whip




1) IF YOU are NOT STRICT and ALLOW FLOUR FROM OUR VEGETABLE PROTEIN you can have anything in the store


— All our Gluten Free Muffins, GF Cookies and GF Bagels

— Our Entire Ketovation line contains no wheat or flour 

Cauliflower Pizza

Turkey Taco

Chicken Salad

Tuna Salad

Sweet potato fries

Tomato Soup

Broccoli cheddar soup

Bisque Soup


Rice Sticks and Hockey Puck Rounds

Chocolate mousse cake, & Cheese Cake & Gummy Bites

All Innovation nuts regular, chocolate and mixed




The Staff of Innovation wishes everyone a healthy happy Holiday 

~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick

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What is your MARCH GOAL?

With Spring and Summer around the corner – March is a month of Irish kisses and Shamrock wishes and an amazing month to focus on a goal. Yes ONE goal that you want to achieve in March.

What is a goal: A goal is what a person is trying to accomplish, it’s the object or aim of an action. It is usually something that is difficult to achieve, but doable. We know that waiting, wanting and hoping for a goal to happen – does not make it happen. You have to visualize, define and plan your goal. You have to put the work in to get the results. But before you can do that you must know what your specific goal is.  

Your goal must be clear and well defined. Vague or generalized goals are unhelpful because they don’t provide sufficient direction. Your goal should be very specific. The more specific, the easier for your brain to achieve it. Your goal should also have a deadline – in this case our deadline will be March 31. What do you want to achieve by March 31? 

Why only one goal: Choosing one goal will allow you to decide which area you want to work on first to best improve your life! What is most important for you to achieve right now? What will make you happy? What will make you feel good? What will improve your life both mentally and physically the most.  

When you make the decision to go after one goal with a deadline it will also help you gain a sense of purpose. With purpose, we can better focus on what we want to accomplish in our day – knowing each day is attributing to this one goal. This purpose gives us drive and motivation to keep pushing! 

TIP: you want to keep the goal doable. It’s one month that you have to achieve this goal. So think of it like a mini goal each month that will keep adding up and contribute to your big goal.  

So what is your specific goal for March? 

Here are some examples: 

  • Fit into a specific size pants by March 31
  • Fit into your favorite shorts or bathing suit
  • Maybe it’s to clean up your weekends and only have one cheat day a week and not 3 mini ones.
  • Stick to your meals and snacks without eating in between
  • Fasting and eating only in the 5 hour period each day. 
  • Exercise 5 days a week
  • Run 1 mile everyday 
  • Text Josephine EVERY night
  • Lose 10 lbs (2 lbs a week) 

Once you figure out what your ONE specific goal is – then you can put all your focus on achieving it.

Goals should always be challenging, they should force you to leave your comfort zone. Contrary to what may seem, when a goal is difficult it actually generates more concentration and is more likely to be achieved. Of course they also need to be realistic and doable. They have to be possible.

Once you decide on what your goal is for March – now you have to put the work in. Any goal requires determination, discipline and a lot of hard work. Like I mentioned earlier – you will never reach a goal by just wanting or wishing for it.  

Bottom line is Action: You know your goal now you plan each day for it. You prepare how you are going to achieve it and you follow through everyday with your plan. If your goal is to do the 5 hr fasting — then you know it will require you to plan your hours that you will fast – and you have to know what you are eating each day and you have to follow through with that plan.  It’s always going to be more than just having a goal and all about putting the action in to achieving that goal.  

Final thoughts……Know your specific goal — put all your focus on it and work hard everyday for it – you will feel so accomplished and thrilled when March 31 comes around (so quickly) and you have one of your mini goals achieved and you will be ready to plan your next goal for April. 

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is What you do”

~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick

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February is one of those months that arrive fast and exit even faster. And yet so much is going on in such a short month. We have Valentines day and President’s day weekend and Winter Break. So much fun so little time! 


The beginning of the month is the best time to plan for your goals. Take a look back at January – did you accomplish all you wanted? If not – why? Be honest with yourself because at the end of the day you are only hurting yourself with excuses.   


Before you make your February goals – make sure whatever goals you choose they include what is going to make you happy. Make sure you are making them for the right reasons. Because in order for you to reach your goals they have to mean something to you. Because when they mean something to you that is when you will do everything you possibly can to reach them. 

Start by deciding what your goals are and then think about how much do they mean to you. How hard are you going to work for them. Always remember making goals is the easy part – putting the action and work into achieving them is the hard part. We all want success – but actually doing the work is what creates the success. And when it comes to weight loss it’s as much mental work as it is physical. When you make those goals you have to include being willing to with walk away from temptation and being okay with eating less and dealing with those little hunger pangs. It’s not just “I want to lose weight” it’s about everything that goes along with losing weight. It’s hard work. But if you really put 100% thought into this and you tell yourself everyday how important it is to you – then you will achieve it. Because our mind is so powerful we can believe anything we tell it to – but of course that road goes both ways. Always remember it takes just as much energy to be negative as it does to be positive. 


I would like to tell you about one of my clients. She is a young mom of 3 who was overweight at 180 pounds. When she first came to me she was sure she wasn’t going to be able to lose weight. She was very depressed. She tried every quick fix diet and felt completely defeated. I explained none of that mattered – what was important right at that moment was that I was going to hold her hand throughout the program – all she had to do was trust me and trust herself and if she was really willing to work for this as much as she said she was – then we would do great. 

She started in September and now February 1 she is down 52lbs. Some months she lost more than others but even through holiday months she always had weight loss. What was most amazing was she never gave up. She worked so hard every week to stay on program – even with the temptations that were in front of her everyday. She always remembered what was important to her and what she wanted most of all was to feel great by Winter Break because her family was going away and she said her last trip she was so miserable and insecure and wore cover – ups the whole time. She said it ruined her trip and she ended up comforting herself with food the whole time. She was so tired of that feeling.   

One of the reasons I am telling you this story is because I think it’s so important to understand and really think about goals. She didn’t just WANT this she was willing to put the work in day after day and week after week. This trip kept her motivated throughout. For her It was more than just the weight loss. She said she avoided stores and places to go to because she didn’t feel good about herself. She was upset with herself because she felt 20 years older than her age and she didn’t know what to do about it. For her it was so much more about her confidence and this winter break all she wanted was to walk on the beach in her bathing suit and feel confident. We recently did a phone call and she cried and said to me — she never really understood how unhappy she was in her body until the weight loss. She said she knew she wasn’t comfortable in her body but didn’t realize how unhappy it made her. And only when she lost the weight and became really comfortable in her skin again — was when she knew how much this all really meant to her. She felt truly happy. — and that is something we forget. Happiness isn’t a thing – it’s a feeling. And maybe her goal wasn’t really about weight loss it was about feeling happy again. 

I think one of the most important points of this story is it’s not just about the number on the scale. It’s not about a size of clothes. This is about not settling for less than what you deserve because it’s easy. This is about not telling yourself that you did your best if you really didn’t or that you are happy if you know deep down that you are not. This is about digging down deep and working extra hard for something that means everything and that could even be potentially life changing for you. Yes im talking about weight loss but this can apply to anything in your life that you know you haven’t worked hard enough for. And while it may sound silly to some – I mean how can weight loss be life changing? Well waking up and going from feeling unhappy to feeling happy everyday is life changing. Those of you who have gained and lost weight know exactly what I am talking about. It’s life changing when you feel comfortable in your body and how much confidence you suddenly have because you feel good in everything you put on. When you feel good in your body everything changes for you. You feel healthy, energetic, you love to get up and get dressed. It can make the smallest things in life feel exciting. All because you are taking care of yourself and doing the right things.  When you think about it. It’s really not too much to ask of yourself. I mean just by doing the right things and making the right choices you get to live a life in a body that makes you feel HAPPY everyday. And that is life changing to a lot of people. 

Whatever your goals for February are – make sure they = happiness 

Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick
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It doesn’t matter which one you are on
as long as you are following something. [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]
Now that we are a few weeks in I can tell you that both programs are showing amazing results. The key is you just have to follow something.  Because there is truly no better feeling than being in control of how you are feeling and that is exactly what all the Innovation programs are about – being in control so you feel your best inside and out. For me there is really nothing better than seeing a client change before my eyes. Within days they go from being a little scared if they will stick to it —  to being 100% committed and excited for their weekly results.   Listen, most of us have two options we either do nothing and stay where we are and continue to gain —  or we put the work in and feel so much better in how we look, think, feel and act.  Results are always up to you. [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]
Fall is right around the corner and the freshness of the days fill the air when you are feeling your healthy best.  While of course we want to see the weight loss and we want to be in skinny jeans and smaller sweaters –  it’s also very much about how great you feel when you are in control of what you are doing.  It’s truly life changing to know that all the planning – preparing and following through is not only giving you the weight loss you want but also making you feel that you are in total control of what you are doing and total control of how you are feeling.  I can’t say it enough – when you over eat, over drink, and carelessly go through life splurging it will affect not only your body and weight but more importantly it affects mentally how you feel. It affects your mood!   When nothing fits you and you feel bloated – you don’t want to get dressed, you don’t want to go out.  Yet, when you feel good mentally and physically you are making sure you see everyone in your path! [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]
Being in control of your health even affects your stress and anxiety.  Studies have proven when you are in control of your food and health your anxiety and stress levels decrease significantly.  Many of us know this to be true because let’s face it – when you are in a good place physically and mentally, eating on program, and you can literally fit in everything in your closet – those are the days you feel like you can accomplish anything that comes on your path.  But when you are not in a good place and not doing the right things and are living in sweatpants because nothing else fits you – well those are the days that the smallest problems can feel like the biggest. [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]
So happy to be back:  It has been truly so amazing being back in the store and seeing clients one on one again.  Many new and returning clients have put quarantine and summer weight behind them and started a new healthy path on their exciting new body.  What I want for all of you is to remember each day how good you feel when you are doing the right thing.  Set your goals and visualize what you want to look like when October, November and December come around and we all know how quickly they will arrive.  Be proud of yourself that while so many will just be starting then you will already have weeks and months into it. You will not be the one who looks back and says why didn’t I start – you will be the person who looks back and think “I’m doing it and I never felt better.”   [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]
Final thoughts:   Don’t give up. We all have hard days but you have to push through them to get to easy days.  Like everything else in life weight loss is no different – what you want always comes down to how hard you are willing to work for it.  Be excited for what you are capable of! Im super excited for all of you. [dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]
Always Be Grateful For Where You Are 
But Super Excited For Where You Are Going
~Love to Live Healthy with Josephine Fitzpatrick