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Josephine Fitzpatrick
Quick fixes and fad diets? Not a chance. As the weight loss and nutrition specialist to A-list celebrities, Josephine Fitzpatrick boasts an incredible 99% success rate. Her programs are based on the unique idea that sustainable weight loss never comes from eliminating the foods you love. Instead, she works with each client to create dietary plans based on her personal nutrition philosophy: 6 days of clean eating, 1 day of cheating. By creating a balance, her plans allow clients to eat what they love and still lose weight, without the risk of dangerous rebounds and splurges. For more than 15 years, she has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their ideal bodies, giving them the tools and guidance they need to lead their healthiest lives. Advocating that no two people lose weight in the same way, Josephine believes in a personalized approach to nutrition, and works with her clients individually to create a plan that they can maintain for life.

Discovering the cost of sugar

Josephine began her personal wellness journey at the age of 16 when her father was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. The severity of the disease eventually led to the amputation of several of his limbs, a tragic event that left Josephine more determined than ever to help people live and eat in a healthier way. She was amazed to learn how even foods that are generally considered to be healthy, such as fruits, could have such a negative impact on the body. She learned that the body processes the natural sugars found in fruit in the same manner as processed sugars. From that moment on, she dedicated herself to the study of health. She studied nutrition for 17 years and adopted a new personal motto: “Just because a food is considered healthy doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for weight loss.”

Building an empire

Josephine began her career working as a private nutrition and weight loss consultant, offering her clients 24/7 support and helping them to find a healthier, cleaner way of life that they could maintain long-term. Her popularity grew, and in 2005 she launched Innovation Weight Loss & Fitness, a unique studio that offers clients her signature personalized programs and support. The program was a huge hit, earning her more than 1500 clients in person and online, including high-profile clients and A-list celebrities. The program now boasts an incredible 99% success rate, proving that her dedication to balance and maintenance earns real, transformative results.

Following the incredible success of her program, Josephine launched Innovation Foods, a line of delicious, natural foods made with no GMOs, preservatives, or chemicals. The line makes it easier for people to make healthier eating choices even when they don’t have the time to cook, and all items are freshly prepared each day.

A graduate of St. Joseph’s College, Josephine holds numerous professional qualifications, including certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association, the American Fitness Professional Association (AFPA,) and the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA,) as well as Stratford and DSW’s Fitness: Human Kinetic continuing education program. In addition, Josephine continues to advance in her knowledge and studies and currently take classes in advanced Nutrition and alternative health.

Jeff GreenBerg

Woodbury Manager

Jeff is in charge of Woodbury Appointments and oversees all Woodbury staff, makes sure all food orders are filled, shipped, packed and delivered accurately and on time. He works directly with our customers and clients making sure they are happy and content with all of our services that we offer.

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